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Marwan Sabb was born in Troyes, France. First time he discovered electronic music, he was a kid watching a German tv channel Viva. He came across a band of strange guys playing on their keyboards: the group's name was Kraftwerk. That day, he begged his parents to buy him a synthesiser and surprisingly succeed. His entire childhood was spent playing synthesiser and piano. It really helped him understand and produce music.

Years have passed and he turned 18 so he decided to join the army. he settled in his new little town Annecy and spent his first salary on his very first turntables, as a self-taught person he has learnt to mix all alone. He has started to play in different bars on evenings and weekends at the same time as his job at the battalion.

Early 2010, he had the chance to be part of Annecy's Electronic festival Rave On's official before - where he has warmed up for the talented Nina Kraviz. This is how he met Lando (Clariss Records) who loved his music and took Marwan under his wing during few years, booked him for his events where have played artists like Mendo, Lee Van Dowski from Cadenza, Nick Curly, Pleasurekraft, Oxia, Dyed Soundorom, Anthony Collins, David Herrero, Kiki and Timid Boy.

2012, Marwan Sabb_ was sent on a military mission to Afghanistan for 7 months where he kept playing and producing music despite his duties. He progressed, refined his style and decided to move to Paris for good.
Early 2013 Marwan Sabb_ sent a demo to Time has Changed Label owner & Dj/Producer Timid Boy. He loved it and mentored Marwan.
3 years of experience and artistic exchanges, Marwan Sabb has found his own style. he has a terrific music identity, which is truly loved by the audience.

Together they decided to collaborate so Marwan signed his first EP with Timid boy and his label in 2014. His EP was supported by some big names like Richie Hawtin , Dubfire and Marco Carola.

2014 was also highlighted with his incredible set at Marvellous island festival in the main room "Black box" alongside Barem, Matador, Marc Houle and Matthias Tanzmann.

Marwan Sabb released he second EP in November with German Label Baile Musik in collaboration with two of his talented Djs & friends Illan Nicciani & Ange Siddhar the EP became Number 3 minimal Beatport top 100 releases for 2 weeks.

And #2 top 100 beatport with his last EP on Time Has Changed : "Tracknard". .

Today he is resident for " Fantaisie" at Yoyo ( Palais de Tokyo) He has played alongside some great names like Reboot, Tania Vulcano, Shonky , Yaya and Yousef . He also had the privilege to play at REX club which is one of the underground music's Holy places.

Marwan Sabb_ is a well known Dj, he has drawn a special attention to his talent on the new Parisian electronic music scene above and behond any expectation. He indeed has a very promising international career with a bright future in minimal house.




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